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Products & Series

DRS-10 - Parachute Safety Solution

The main goal of our new product is to reduce the risk of harming people on the ground and bring down the expensive equipment safely when it comes to a malfunction of drones up in the air. The rise of the drones is unstoppable, but with our system they are still safe.

Innovative concept

We have invested a lot of time and effort to get the best reliability, flexibility and usability with our system. And the relation between take-off-weight and the additional payload caused by the rescue system is unique. The patented mechanism to store and bring out the parachute is electrically triggered and releases within milliseconds. We don't just use a spring or explosives to shoot out the rescue parachute like many competitors do.

The parachute will not be squeezed all the time (like with other systems) to minimize the time which is needed to evolve (using the air That's why we can achieve the minimum altitude for a successful rescue.

After a release it only takes a few minutes to re-pack the system and get your UAV ready to fly again – without replacing any consumables.

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Fastest Solution

DRS-10 is the fastest parachute safety solution available on the market

Completely autonomously

The only systems on the market that works completely autonomously, even when every single system of the drone itself crashes

BVLOS safely possible

BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight) usage and flights over populated places is safely possible

Customized or Add-on

Get your DRS-10 as customized product, Add-on or fully integrated solution

Lightest solution possible

The DRS-10 has less than 280 grams of payload to save drones between 2 and 12 kg

Regulations & insurance

Advantages when it comes to insurances, regulations and official drone usage

Fast reusable

Very fast reusable after the parachute got ejected

Special parachute

Special parachute design for a safe landing

DRS Blackbox

Blackbox for insurance and liability cases


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