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DRS-M200 Solution

The DRS-M200 was designed for the DJI Matrice 200 series.

DRS-M200 Solution

The DRS-M200 was designed for the DJI Matrice 200. It is installed on top of the main frame and uses a modified battery hub to reliably stop the props from spinning when the parachute is activated. Our failure detection algorithms have been optimized for the M200, based on large amounts of flight data we gathered from testing and cooperating customers.

Drone parachute small
Weight range
DJI Matrice 200
System weight
~ 420 g
130 mm / 75 mm
Parachute Deployment
within 20–30 m
Battery hub
Geofencing, IP-Protection, RC Trigger
Descent velocity
2–4 m/s
Impact energy
6–80 J
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Autonomous deployment

Autonomous failure detection thanks to smart electronics and software

Easy Travelling

No dangerous-good classification that would restrict air travel or shipping


Total system weight of 400 g through intelligent engineering and advanced materials.

Low Altitude Deployment

Full bloom in only 8 to 12 m, depending on take-off-weight.

Reusable System

Reusable within minutes after deployment through repacking or using a spare parachute

Simple Installation

Easy to install thanks to various interfaces and smart mechanism

Save BVLOS flights

Protecting people on the ground and physical goods

Additional Solutions

Geofencing, Manual RC Trigger

Bayonet lock

Fast and easy attaching and detaching of the system

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