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DRS for VTOL and Fixed Wing

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DRS for VTOL and Fixed Wing

VTOL and Fixed-Wing designs are often very unique, and so are the possible ways to integrate a parachute. Over the past years we have worked with numerous aircraft manufacturers and have gained much experience in cooperatively developing ideal solutions. Based on this experience, the integration of a parachute in a fixed wing / VTOL configuration should always be customized, as standardized products do not work well in most cases.

Our general approach for such an application is to set up a first meeting with our engineering team and perform a quick feasibility test. If the result is positive, we move forward with signing an NDA to provide you with more details like CAD models. We can then support you with the integration and will offer suggestions for modification to get the best results.

The VTOL and fixed wing solutions are not tied to the cylindrical shape of our standardized systems for multirotor drones. They can take various forms, depending on the space available on your aircraft. Contact us to find out if we can fit your project!

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